SoundAdviceUK have just started a label and this is the first album, 'One'. It is made up of 11 of the best artists we have worked with in the last 3 years, the only thing that ties them together is their talent, quality and individuality. Ranging from steampunk/classical to ska/reggae, it's a musical journey not to be missed. Hear a bit from each band at the labels website


Album price: £5 + p&p



The SoundAdviceUK T-shirts may look black (and ultra stylish) but they are actually so green you could grow tomatoes in them. They are printed by 't-shirt and sons' the only certified organic textile printer in Europe. You can find out about their ethical policy and practice on their website,

Being organic doesn't just calm your inner eco warrior but also makes for a high quality t-shirt that can be washed over and over without loosing its shape or softness. But be warned these t-shirts are slightly smaller than the normal sizes, so bare that in mind when choosing your size!