Small Festivals Doc


Small Festivals Doc

Last year SAUK were invited to film at the Small World Festival in Kent, by the lovely Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags. We were supposed to just be filming bands but we somehow ended up doing interviews with the people who worked there and ran the festival. Although alot of us here are festival goers, and particularly the small ones, we had never really delved into the reasons why people put them on or why here in Britain we have such a strong festival culture. After filming at small world out appetites to find out more had been wet and we decided to make a full documentary on the world of small festivals in Britain.

What will it be about?

The documentary will look into the world of small fesetivals in Britain. As well as music, Small Festivals are an epicentre for skill-sharing, empowering positive action and re-imagining our culture more generally. Not to mention the siple gift of providing a safe and fun place to enjoy a long weekend. In today's capitalist and increasingly alienated world more and more people are seeking connection and a sense of community within the small festival scene. There is clearly something in these temporary communities that the British public are after but is it and why do we want it? Why do people host them (often for no profit) and what is there potential for inspiring a wide spread positive change?

This year we are making a pilot to try and raise funds to make a full length doc next summer. We recently filmed at Cloud Cuckoo Land Festival, where the response was incredible. Everyone there was really supportive of the project and it has left us buzzing and anxious to get started. The pilot will be coming soon and we would really appreciate all of your feedback and help in getting this documentary made! The pilot was funded by the lovely 'The Koyaanisqatsi Trust'.

You can see photos of our time at Cloud Cuckoo Land here and if you were there and had your photo taken with our 'Little Man' come and tag yourself!

If you want to know even more about the documentary, please download the one pager here.