Buskers Festival


The idea of The Buskers Festival is that it will bring the heart of Dalston alive. Gillett Square will be buzzing with music, art and performance, from the people who do it for love, not money. SoundAdviceUK put on a Buskers Day in July 2011 and we are aiming to do something bigger and better in the future. 

The festival will showcase musicians who bring diversity and entertainment to our streets and music and culture into our everyday lives. As well as buskers the festival will celebrate street performers and artists of all kinds. SoundAdviceUK believe buskers are a vital part of the London cultural life. The buskers festival will celebrate and promote some of London's best buskers!

"No city which considers itself a home to the arts can afford to be without it's buskers. They deserve celebration!" - Simon Fox, Hang Drum player and London busker.

The Buskers Day was a great success, you can see the individual buskers videos as they go up on the site.

Who will the The Buskers Festival benefit?

The Buskers Festival will benefit the buskers, giving them an ideal place to play without fear of being moved on and an enthusiastic audience. They will also be given the promotional programme we make and this is the best promotional aid they could have.

The festival will attract the local community and help make Gillet Square a cultural focus for Dalston where the very diverse groups in the local community can come together. Hackney is one of the most diverse boroughs in London and as we have learnt from Acoustic Sundays and the Buskers Day, people of all ages welcome the opportunity to come together and have fun.

The free buskers' workshops will be a fantastic opportunity for local people to get involved and learn more about instruments, busking and music.

The future of The Buskers Festival...

SAUK saw the Buskers Day as a starting point. We would like it to be a 2 day festival in the future and to become an annual event, leading to the creation of official 'busking sites' around London.